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About the RGM Team

Filmmakers. Creatives. Storytellers. 

Red Glass Media boasts over a decade of experience in full-service video production, with an emphasis on producing compelling visual narratives and scroll-stopping content. From working with global brands, and travel destinations, to orchestrating productions for world-class events, our journey has been one of capturing stories that resonate on a global scale.

Beyond the lens, we embrace adventure – from the thrilling rush of skydiving to exploring diverse cultures worldwide.

While our roots lie in Los Angeles, California, our storytelling knows no boundaries, and we thrive on traversing new horizons.

But enough about our adventures – it's time to focus on yours.

We're eager to hear about your company, your goals, your vision, and the stories you want to tell. Whether you're looking to collaborate or have questions about our services and pricing, drop us a line at or simply give us a call or text at 714-357-9321.

Let's bring your next project to life together.

Until then,

Jack & the RGM Team



Los Angeles, CA

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